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Talking about the culture in Palestine, the first name that comes to mind is that of Edward Said, who was, for many years the representative of the Palestinian culture in exile. His criticism of the Oslo peace process, earned him many enemies both Palestinians and Israelis, but he defended above all, the power of the Palestinian people to choose their future way of life. But, there are also many Palestinian authors from exile who have made of Palestine a land of dreams and admiration as well.


Nor we can forget Mahmud Darwish, whose poetry fills stadiums in any Arab country, and who has promoted cultural activities for many years from his home in Ramallah as well. Palestinian poetry is worthy of a thorough and detailed analysis, but in this brief introduction to Palestinian culture we are only trying to offer a short close-up.


Palestinian culture is primarily a way to fight against the oblivion that the occupation and apathy have provoked in a land that seems doomed to the omission. The culture, which was transmitted from generation to generation and brought together a large history of civilizations, from the Phoenicians to the Ottomans, through the Greeks, Romans, Persians and English, is mainly a story that determines a culture rich in variety. Sadly, such variety is overshadowed by the occupation, only the old medina of Nablus is conserved today in acceptable conditions, not to mention  Jerusalem.


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